Zuzana Svatik — She said yes

Client: Zuzana Svatik  

At first the client had no idea how should the exhibition design look like. After a meeting with her, some rough sketches and presentation of possibilities, she started to have some ideas what she prefers and is important to her. Requirement was to make something sustainable and inexpensive. We decided to use the cardboard roll, which can be later used for storage and transportation of the ceramic vases, as stool for the vases. Another element which can be used for storage and transportation is the tape. On one hand it serves as a tape for conecting the rolls on top of each other and stating the name of the artist, project and contact information. On the other hand with all these informations it serves as a business card.
Instalation was part of Designblok, Prague International Design Festival 2019.

Jaroslava Karnoková

Graphic Designer

Visual Communicator

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