Earth( e)scape
The Raising of Chicago

Client: Jozef Eduard Masarik 

Raising of Chicago was a project consisting of lifting the whole city up to 14  feet above the city’s original location. Concept of the pictures in the book relates to the lifting of the buildings. First picture is at the bottom of the page, and the last one is on the top. Pictures are being slowly “lifted” on each page. Picture description is written in the same direction as the movement of the pictures – rising up. There are 3 chapters in the book, each has its own color. The first one about the ground is brown. Second one describes lifting and getting closer to the sky, so the color belonging to this chapter is grayish blue. The third and final chapter talks about urban legends and its color is purple, the color of mystery.

Jaroslava Karnoková

Graphic Designer

Visual Communicator

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